Birthday: 10/10
Color, pink, green
Favorite Flower: Wild Flowers, Plants, Gardenia
Favorite Snack: Chocolate, Flavored Nuts, popcorn( all kinds)
Favorite Drink: water and sweetened green tea
Restaurants: texican, torchys, schlotskys 
Reading genre/ series: all sorts
Hliday/ time of year: Christmas
Gifts under $20: Plants, fine point charpies, fun jewelry, watches, scarves
Activities/ hobbies:  hiking, running, reading, gardening, anthing outside
Good scents: clean, fresh, wood
Bad scents: food flavors
Stores: Hobby lobby, target, ross, amazon
Collects: books, frames, bird things, wind chimes
Attended: texas State
For fun: anything outside, kayak, hike, run, garden
Pampering: massage
Classroom theme/ mascot: