Birthday: 10/24
Color: Green and blue
Flower: Sunflowers, orchids
Snack: Kettle corn popcorn
Drink: Coffee, ice tea
Restaurants: Taco Deli, Chipotle, Mama Fu's
Reading Genre: Anything but crime books
Holiday/ time of year: Fall
Gifts under $20: Gift cards to restaurants, TJ Max, Ross, Charming Charlie
Activities/ hobbies: Camping, drawing/sketching, gardening
Good scents: Floral, fruity
Bad scents: Musky, piney
Stores: TJ Max, Ross, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers
Collects: Smiles :-)
Attended: University of Hawaii
For fun: Go camping, draw, garden
Pampering: Get a pedicure, facial, go shopping
Does NOT like: GMOs, starbucks
Allergic: Negativity
Classroom theme: Beach, tropical