Flower:Gerber Daisy
Snack:Almonds, Cheetos, Veggies,
Drink:Coke Zero, Diet Dr. Pepper, Coffee, Zero Calorie flavored water
Restaurants:Torchy's, Chuy's, any Sushi or Asian or Italian
Reading Genre: Mystery, Suspense/Thriller, Comedy, Inspirational
Holiday/ time of year:Christmas
Gifts under $20:Pedicure, gift card to star bucks, gift card to movies
Activities/ hobbies:Walking, jogging, son just left for college but will be playing soccer for UTSA so I'll be watching his games :)
Good scents:lavender, mint, essential oils
Bad scents:Floral, trash, gardenia
Stores:Target, Kohl's, H&M, Walmart, Michael's, hobby lobby
Collects:Sharpies, Pilot Erasable pens, felt tip pens, angels
Attended:Texas A&M of Corpus Christi, Del-Mar Jr College, ACC, Texas State Round Rock
For fun:Movies, watch a band, happy hour, pedicure/manicure
Pampering:pedi, mani, massage, movies, dinner with my hubby
Does NOT like:People talking about me or my team
Allergic:STRAWBERRIES, BANANAS, WALNUTS and other weird stuff, I can provide a list if needed. I'm also allergic to lots of environmental stuff and Penicillin. I have an epi-pen if needed
Classroom theme:Ocean and essential oils
Wishlist:Snacks for kids, velcro, sharpies, pens, treasure box toys