Birthday: Feb. 7
Flower: Hibiscus Tree Flower!
Snack: CHIPS and DIPS of all kinds!PopSecret Homestyle Popcorn!
Drink: COLD: VANILLA COKE or CHERRY COKE with a fresh lime...over ice!! HOT: Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha with Extra Whip
Restaurants: Mr Gattis, Mama Fu's, Moonie's Burgers, Chuy's
Reading Genre: Home decorating/Any Family Magazines
Holiday/ time of year: Christmas! Birthdays! EVERYDAY is a holiday!
Gifts under $20: Sharpies, ALL COLORS of Spray Paint, Paint Pens, DUCK TAPE, BLUE TAPE, Cool ART shirts size Large, knee high fun socks
Activities/ hobbies: Mom of 4 Teenage Boys-Family Time, Handpainting stuff for Etsy Shop, Starbuck Coffee Dates with hubby
Good scents: Vanilla, Clean Laundry, The Smell of my Popcorn READY!
Bad scents: Paper cuts! OUCH!
Stores: Dollar Tree for class prizes, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Ebay for Vintage Treasures
Collects: All Letters-wood, metal, big/small, Vintage Suitcases
Attended: University of North Texas
For fun: Family Pizza & Game Night, Fire Pit TIME-Smore's!, Spray Painting, provate Art Lessons, Summer Art Camps, Home Design Ideas
Pampering: Backyard Pool Time!
Does NOT like: Running out of Sharpies!!
Allergic: None
Classroom theme: ROYGBIV
Wishlist: Clorox Wipes, Duck Tape, Sharpies(Any & all colors!), Treasure Box items in Class Sets-27 total items, Chalkboard Paint-Spray & Quart Size, Smooth Roller brush set small for chalkboard painting, chipboard brushes, Pink ERASERS!, BLUE painters tape for hanging ART, How To Draw Books, Gel Pens, Metallic Sharpies