Birthday: 8/11
Color: Forest Green
Flower: Star gazers
Snack: Fresh fruit (Oranges, Mangos, Apples) and goldfish 
Drink:  Cafe Mocha from Starbucks
Restaurants:  BJ's , Chuy's, Mighty Fine, Rudy's
Reading Genre:  Mystery 
Holiday/ time of year:  Christmas/ Spring
Gifts under $20:   Gift card to Starbucks or any other restaurant. 
Activities/ hobbies:  I walk a lot and love to be outside. 
Good scents:  Pachouli
Bad scents:  Floral scents and vanilla
Stores:  Target, Hobby Lobby, Kohl's, Barnes and Nobles, Michaels 
Collects:  Little Bobble Heads Animals from Cozumel 
Attended: Texas State University 
For fun:  Walk my dogs, Go to the Park, Watch Horror movies, Watch my sons basketball games
Pampering:  Pedicure, manicure, massage, go to the movies
Does NOT like:  Sushi!!!!  
Allergic:  N/A
Classroom theme:  Ocean
Wishlist:  Highlighters, sharpies, skinny markers, kids books for my future classroom