Birthday: 5/7
Color: Navy blue
Flower: Roses or Gerber daisy
Snack: N/a
Drink: Coffee
Restaurants: Cheesecake Factory, Z Tejas, Pokejos
Reading Genre: Anything related to leadership
Holiday/ time of year: Fall
Gifts under $20: Candies, gift cards
Activities/ hobbies: Running
Good scents: Vanilla or cinnamon
Bad scents: N/a
Stores: Target, Macy's, charming Charlie
Collects: N/a
Attended: Texas State or UT
For fun: Visit with friends
Pampering: Pedicure, shopping and a movie
Does NOT like: N/a
Allergic: N/a
Classroom theme: Exploring theme
Wishlist: Picture frames, markers, Manila folders, air fresheners, coffee, coffee cups