Reagan Chair: Janine Gillot
The Campus Improvement committee is new this year.  It focuses on playground improvement, the new garden, and whatever other physical improvements the PTA may hope to make at the school. This year, the emphasis will be on improving the front of the school and expanding the garden program.  Duties include looking for grants, planning additions to the playground, communicating with the principal and the district, and polling the parents on their visions for the playground. If you would like to join this team, please contact the chair of this committee, Janine Gillot at reaganptacommunications@gmail.com.



 Garden Committee

Reagan Chair: Lori Woods
The duties are evolving with the needs of the Reagan School Garden. In general, the team oversees the basic care of the garden. They obtain garden supplies, water where needed, assist teachers who want to use the garden, take care of large scale maintenance, meet one morning a month, and brainstorm future garden projects.  If you would like to join this team, please contact the Reagan School Garden Coordinator, Lori Woods at reagangarden@gmail.com.