PTA Officer Board Positions
(All officers shall participate in a leadership capacity at a majority of events that the PTA sponsors throughout the year.)
President - Coordinates the work of officers & committee chair's, presides over board & membership meetings. Attends LISD PTA Council meetings and events.
President Elect - Serve as an aide to the president. Perform duties of the president in the events the president is absent. Support and learn all aspects for the role of president.
1st Vice President (Programs) - Works with committees to plan and organize programs for the school year. Collaborates with the principal and PTA board to plan and implement programs. Organizes and plans the back to school picnic, parent education, science night, spring social event, internation fair, steam night, clothes closet, donuts with dads, muffins for mom, kinder celebration, spelling bee, visiting storytime author, 5th grade graducation, movie night, breakfast/cookies with santa, math penthathlon, Watch D.O.G.S., and battle of the bluebonnets.
2nd Vice President (Fundraising) - Works to plan and organize fundraising events to raise the amount of funds needed to meet the goals put forth by the budget committee.  Fundraisers should reflect the high principles of the association.  Each event should have educational, social or recreational value. Oversees the carnival committee and fundraising committee. Duties may include but not limited to: Box Tops, spirit nights, spiritwear, fall/spring scholastic book fair, faculty follies, spring carnival, Apex/Jog-a-Thon, spirit sticks, school supplies, and silent auction.
3rd Vice President (Membership) - Builds an informed and participating membership by enrolling parents, teachers and interested citizens. Oversees the membership drive and manages the member information and submissions. Works with committees to set goals, and promote membership. Provides membership reports at PTA board meetings, and distributes membership cards.
Treasurer - Manages deposits and dispursments of PTA funds, has custody of the PTA funds and keeps books of accounts & financial records. Maintains detailed budget files, and financial reporting at all meetings of the association. 
Secretary - Records the meeting minutes of PTA board and general meetings. Maintains calendar of events for the PTA and creates meeting agenda's for the President.
Parliamentarian - Assists the President at all meetings following the Roberts Rules of Order.  This is a great introductory role to the PTA and provides an interesting learning curve.
Standing Committee Chairs

The Executive PTA Board is made up of elected officers of the board and board appointed chairpersons of committees. Below are a list of Standing Committees that do work all year long and make up the bulk of the volunteer work done by the PTA.

Hospitality - This PTA member works to create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere at Reagan.  This person oversees the Baker's Dozen Committee and Appreciation Committee. They plan and coordinate events that include but are not limited to: baker's dozen events, teacher/staff appreciation, welcome wagon, coffee chats, boo/woohoo breakfast, coffee bar, end of year teacher appreciation catered event, soup for the souls, SPED luncheon, teacher appreciation breakfast, and the teacher in-service breakfast. They colloborate with the principal and/or school representative to plan said events.

Communications - Communicate the PTA vision and events through social media and PTA newsletter. Mantain PTA website.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Coordinate programs that may include Kids First, No Place for Hate, and SPED Adoption. Represent families from different backgrounds and bring different ideas, and perspectives to the PTA and community. Provide fairness in resources, opportunities, and outcomes so that all communities get what they need to be engaged and successful. Put diversity into action to ensure all people feel safe, welcomes, and that they belong.

Volunteer Coordinator - Works as a liaison between LISD, school staff and the PTA to match the volunteer job to the volunteer.  Recruits volunteers, ensures district volunteer compliance, and communicates information in regards to volunteer opportunites. Oversees the room rep coordinator/room reps and hosts the volunteer orientation as needed.

Teacher Liaison - Be appointed by the principal. Reserved for a teacher on staff at Reagan and serves as a communication link between faculty, staff, and PTA for information regarding teacher and staff needs and preferences.
Campus Improvement - Coordinate with campus, district, and board to identify, and facilitate grounds improvement.
Advocacy - Speak on behalf of all children at the local, state, and federal levels.
Healthy Lifestyles - Assists in ensuring that our campus is focused and dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our students through providing programs, projects and services to promote good physical and mental attitudes.

Arts in education - Enrich students' lives with promoting the education of the Arts through discussion with fine arts directors and coordination of programs like the Reflections Art Contest. Support access to the arts by identifying arts-related activities. Ensure PTA attains active status with Texas PTA by October 31 each year to be eligible for state-level Reflections judging. Promote cultural events in the community. Network with PTA Arts in Education Leaders in community to collaborate on common goals.

Council Delegate - Be the president or alternate, principal or alternate, and delegate or alternate and be a current member of the Executive Board. Will participate fully in Council PTA discussions and deliberations. Report announcements, important actions and the Council PTA program to this Local PTA membership and executive board. Seek information or approval from the membership on matters referred to this Local PTA for such approval or information. Report and/or vote as directed by the Local PTA membership at the Council PTA meeting.

Historian - Prepared and updates a record the activities and achievements of the PTA and makes historical facts available upon request to the membership. Things a historian would record include but not limited to: list of executive board members and when they were elected or appointed, all executive and general meeting dates along with any major business conducted by the board and presented the the membership, programs and activities hosted by the PTA during the year including a brief description of each, and training or other events or activities that executive board members attend.