Meet your child's teacher. This will set the method you use to introduce yourself to parents/guardians in your child's classroom and discuss how you can help out your teacher.

Expect that each classroom is different. You may be able to get the list of email addresses directly from the teacher. Occasionally, the teacher isn't comfortable with this, and it would mean that you'd have to send a paper letter home asking parents/guardians if they'd like to receive information from you (as Room Rep) regarding Teacher Needs and PTA Needs (see the Information Packet for additional info regarding these needs).
Collect contact information. You may then request that classroom parents/guardians provide the manner in which they'd like to receive this information. Some will provide their email addresses. Some would prefer to continue to receive information via a weekly folder. Some may opt out of hearing from you entirely. Some may not answer. Each parent/guardian is different.
Introduce yourself. Parents/guardians in your child's classroom will be interested in knowing that they need to look out for important information from you about various opportunities to participate in the classroom.