This is a fun PTA fundraiser where on the day of carnival, class donated baskets are placed on display and anyone can buy raffle tickets to take their chance at winning their desired themed basket. It is quite an event and everyone loves perusing the baskets for entertainment and then getting to the dramatic reveal of who the winners are at the end.

The classes have be asked to volunteer a donated themed gift basket to raffle so please keep a lookout for something from your student's Room Rep and help support the cause.  (What's even more exciting for the kids this year is that for every basket filled with donations that the class donates, it will get them an entry into a drawing that could win them a popcorn party!)
Why support the Raffle Basket Fundraiser & PTA?  Follow this link that shows where the money goes:  PTA Funded Programs & Appreciation Events

Didn't get an e-mail about a class basket, but you want to help donate? Contact your student's Room Rep or send an e-mail to reaganptaroomrep@gmail.com