Board Position FirstName LastName email
PTA President (Officer) Joanne Peacock email
1st VP Programs (Officer) Rosa Urista email
2nd VP of Fundraising (Officer) James Willmann email
3rd VP of Membership (Officer) Jenni Sellers email
Treasurer (Officer) Becky Gregg email
Secretary (Officer) Alexis Browder email
Parliamentarian (Officer) OPEN Contact Us --> email
Volunteer Coordinator OPEN! Contact us --> email
Principal Steve Crawford email
Teacher Liaison Lauren Houser email
Arts in Education Chair Kelly Schafer email
Campus Improvement Chair Autumn Willmann email
Communications Chair Mukti Thakkar email
Health & Wellness Chair OPEN Contact Us --> email
Inclusiveness Chair Patty Micks email
Hospitality Chair Serena Burton email
Legislative Action OPEN! Contact Us--> email